Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can public relations help my business?

A: Good strategic public relations is used to help an organization to meet its business goals or mission. Clients have used Remey Communications to demonstrate the value of their organization to their clients or members, to increase their customer base, or to be seen more favorably by their target audience. PR performed by an experienced and seasoned professional can help you to attain your objectives.

Q: I have communications staff, why do I need an outside consultant?

A: Internal communication staff are important, but they canít provide an unbiased look from outside your organization. Consultants, such as Remey Communications, work with a wide range of businesses and organizations and can offer tactics and strategies developed from this broad business perspecitve. Consultants can prevent organizations from making decisions in a vacuum.

Q: How will I know if PR has helped my business?

A: PR outcomes can be measured using qualitative and quantitative research. Good PR is much more than simply counting newspaper clips.

Q: What is included in a PR plan?

A: A good strategic plan includes the following key components:

  • Research (qualitative or quantitative research should be conducted prior to implementing tactics so that strategies are developed based on facts uncovered from the research.)
  • Objectives (what you want your plan to accomplish.)
  • Programming (the strategies and tactics you will develop and implement to meet the objectives.)
  • Evaluation (back-end research that helps you determine if the objectives were met and what changes need to be made to the plan to increase its effectiveness.)