Products & Services

Strategic Public Relations and Marketing Plans are used to support the business objectives of an organization and show its value to customers. Remey Communications will develop your strategic plan using more than two decades of experience in the communications industry that will help move your company closer to its business goals. We do this by incorporating sound judgment, decisions that result from in-depth experience, and a 360 degree view of other similar organizations and their “best practices.”

Education Campaigns are directed to target audiences to help educate them about a particular issue. Often the purpose of the education is to get that audience to change a certain behavior or belief. We help you answer your audiences’ questions, “Why is this important,” and “How does this impact me?” Numerous public relations tactics go into such a campaign.

Media Relations is used to gain positive visibility for a client or product in targeted publications, and radio and television markets that reach the desired audience. This media outreach can take the form of news releases, pitch calls to reporters, one-on-one interviews with reporters, press conferences, and editorials. Remey Communications also provides media coaching to help you effectively develop and communicate your messages to the media.

Social Media plans are developed to reach out to target audiences who are important to your organization. Remey Communications develops viral campaigns incorporating, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blogs, and other vehicles that help you engage your target audience and get your messages out.

Direct Mail Brochures/Annual Reports are used to sell an organization, its messages or products to a target audience. Remey Communications is a full-service firm that provides the complete range of design and print services from black and white to four-color.

Freelance Writing/Editing is incorporated in a variety of ways in internal publications within the client’s organization, such as newsletters, magazines, and member or employee communications. Freelance writing/editing is also used externally for firm clients to place articles in outside magazines, letters to target audiences, proposals, news releases, web copy and more.

Speech Writing and Public Speaking Coaching helps you to get their messages across to target audiences in effective and memorable ways. Remey Communications will develop speeches for all audiences that contain your critical messages. In addition to message and speech development, Remey Communications will help you to develop your public speaking skills to ensure an effective presentation that makes an impression.

Events Planning is used to publicize a particular event, such as a grand opening, or a trade association’s lobby day in Washington, D.C. Skillful events planning can result in increased participation from target audiences and positive visibility for your organization.

Website Design and Development is used to help your business to be visible to its target audiences on-line. It can help generate product sales, serve as an action center where audience members can go to send an electronic letter to Congress on an important issue, or it can be an information source about your company.